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Make room for the next generation collaboration tool

Epsis TeamBox is a collaboration management software solution designed to facilitate meeting workflows and sharing of information and content enabling real time decision making in a collaborative environment.

Multiple sources of application independent information can be displayed locally and remotely in real time - executed at a click of a button.

All the information you need is automatically retrieved and displayed on the screen, exactly the way you want it. Display layouts are created by simply drag and drop with the mouse, independent of any borders between the physical screens.

Since Epsis TeamBox is a software solution it provides scalability and reduces hardware requirements dramatically, improving total cost of ownership and reducing downtime.

Why is TeamBox the collaboration management solution for my organisation?

  • improves meeting efficiency
  • collaborate better
  • support process implementation
  • increase team performance
  • enhance personal effectiveness
  • cost effective

Epsis TeamBox resides on a single standard Windows workstation allowing you to manage your entire screen real estate, create and execute meetings or workflows, conduct video conferencing and share information with anyone you want – all from one single unit. Complex control systems such as touch screens, matrix switches and display controllers are eliminated. TeamBox gives you complete control over how information from different sources is organised and displayed on screen, and enables you to create custom screen layouts and save them as templates. Simple drag and drop operations make it easy to move windows containing documents, applications or external sources (such as video conferencing systems, laptops, pads and mobile phones) between different areas in the template.

The workflow difference with TeamBox

Meeting Efficiency

  • Don’t waste valuable time and money connecting participants and opening the documents you need.
  • All information is displayed exactly where you want it and when you want it.
  • Workflows can contain information from all types of sources
  1. - SharePoint
  1.  Network shares

  2. - Cisco VC

  3. - Laptops

  4. - SME’s applications

  5. - Video, Web, iPAD

  • No integration needed between the applications displayed
  • MP3 player feel; push to play workflows. Next step, back step, refresh (to get back on track on the agenda when ad-hoc things happen) and exit 

Download Epsis TeamBox Information Sheet

To download an information sheet on Epsis TeamBox, please click on the image below: