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Australia has some of the best audio visual venues available. The effective operational management of these buildings and precincts relies heavily on the most up to date performance practices, specifically in the area of audio visual technology. This ensures every event and presentation is a success whether your audience is 20 or 200,000 people. We specialise in:

  • Concert Sound Systems
  • Distributed Sound Reinforcement
  • Projection and Display Systems
  • Live Video Production
  • Advertising Display Systems

Venue spaces often present some complex AV challenges given the expansive spaces. Rutledge is recognised for its expertise in the use of computer modelling to achieve optimal audio and visual quality in challenging environments. We use complex simulations to recreate the spaces to assess speakers and displays, their positions and angles and ultimately come up with the ideal design.

Audio visual is art and science. We are essentially working in harmony with all sorts of environments (existing structures, infrastructure, lighting and acoustics) to ensure that we enhance existing built environments with world class audio visual, which is of the most part - concealed.

Rutledge AV is the leader in the Audio Visual Industry, pioneering new standards for award winning world class audio visual systems and solutions since 1985. Our greatest resource is over 25 years experience in the design and implementation of integrated systems backed by Rutledge Assist - our dedicated support and maintenance service for audio visual and video conferencing systems. For the larger facilities we often have full-time maintenance staff on-site to ensure peak performance of our systems.

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