our mission

Enabling a digital future, connecting people, technology and experiences, where and when it matters most.

Audio visual technology can be found everywhere– from the screens we encounter; the audio we hear through speakers; to our everyday communication with others. We are all daily consumers of audio visual systems of all shapes and sizes.

At Rutledge AV, we approach our work with this in mind. We design our systems with user’s in mind to ensure there is a strong connection between the user, the technology and the environment – creating the best user-experience with the right audio visual technology.

Our team works with you to understand your communication goals. We examine which of the latest AV technologies will best exceed these goals; devise how the technology will seamlessly integrate with your organisation; and investigate what will give you the greatest value and success.

You can be confident that Rutledge AV will give you a well-informed, purpose-built solution that’s simple to use and highly cost-effective to maintain. Our systems are of superior quality and utilise cutting-edge technology to make your AV future-proofed.

Our drive is to give you a powerful audio visual system - using the most superior technology, and engineered with precision and care. We source the very best and latest AV and IT technology and design sophisticated systems – taking care of every single detail in planning your system integration, from optimum cabling and power distribution; to rigging, racks and mounts for your technology.

We are at the forefront of the latest AV technology and system design. It’s a fast evolving industry – and we’ve been around for several AV evolutions since 1979! We are an agile business; ready for change and ready to adapt to the ever-transforming AV landscape and infrastructure. This is what has kept us ahead of the curve.

We are always learning. We gain as much knowledge and understanding about the technology we work with. That way we can critically determine which AV products are going to best deliver your goals and give you the functionality and performance you need.

Easy to use, purposeful and reliable. That’s a Rutledge AV system. They’re simple to manage and operate - which saves you time, money and any stress – so you can focus on what’s truly important to you.

Our AV systems promote activity and participation. And that’s not just for your audience, but for you managing the system too. You are going to love using your audio and visual technology, just as much as your users will.

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