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  • Client

  • Project Name

    Waterloo Road Office
  • Construction Start Date

    February 2015
  • Construction Completion

    October 2015

Novartis embarked on a new workplace technology design with the view of bringing together the Novartis Group companies in Australia for the first time.

This project was based at Novartis’ existing site in Macquarie Park, and would unite the their three companies – Alcon, Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Sandoz – in one workplace.

The scope of the project required end to end technology integration that could be monitored and maintained remotely and support an activity-based working environment. To achieve this, it needed to be simple to use, flexible and provide the expected result every time.


The Novartis aspiration of driving collaboration within and across divisions called for employees to be mobile yet able to connect and work easily from anywhere in the new space.

We worked closely with the project stakeholders (Novartis, the builders and architects) to work through the considerations and recommendations needed to achieve this, with the company concluding the activity-based working environment to be the most appropriate solution.

Audio visual services were deployed to the following room types:

  • 5 x enclosed chat rooms
  • 8 x enclosed collaboration tables
  • 9 x enclosed meeting rooms
  • 1 x semi enclosed collaboration area 1 x brainstorming room
  • 9 x open collaboration tables
  • 5 x enclosed meeting rooms
  • 9 x flexible rooms
  • 3 x combinable meeting rooms
  • 2 x video conference-enabled meeting rooms
  • 1 x wetlab
  • 1 x open plan area


This is a project that showcases a multi-faceted end to end audio visual solution, to facilitate a state of the art working environment for Novartis. Moving towards an activity-based working model is a growing trend, and the success of this model relies upon state of the art, audio visual technology.

In 2016, this project was shortlisted as a finalist for the Audio Visual Industry Awards (AVIA).