Collaborative Workplace Technology

end-to-end collaboration solutions

Rutledge AV specialises in delivering turnkey audio visual systems. We take care of the complete audio visual process, from start to finish.

We source the very best in collaboration technology; then use informed system design and integration to build cohesive systems; and ensure success with careful evaluation and user testing.

And with Rutledge Care, our dedicated AV support service, you will always have the utmost confidence in your system’s ongoing performance.

audio & video conferencing

Audio and video conferencing technology is a staple in modern workflows. You can talk, meet, share ideas and feedback, in real-time, virtually - with anyone, almost anywhere. It provides communication flexibility for modern, dynamic workforces – who are always on the go.

Rutledge AV is the expert in audio and video conferencing systems, including years of integration experience with Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize and Skype for Business technologies.

wireless collaboration & software

Wireless functionality is the backbone of superior collaboration systems. It’s all about connectivity - the ease with which your devices, software and technology can network with one another - to maximise communication.

Rutledge AV provides advanced wireless systems for next-generation, activity-based working models; specialising in 'bring your own device' (BYOD) solutions.

interactive & automated control systems

Control systems provide you with the ease and efficiency to manage your equipment and technology from one, central interface. We provide simple yet powerful interactive and automated control systems that integrate capabilities such as meeting room lighting, curtains and screens; functionality such as making calls and the display of content from various sources and inputs; booking and scheduling management; as well as auto sleep and system shut down when it detects no one is present in the room.

Rutledge AV specialises in show controls, interactive touch screens, custom software design, dynamic content and motion detection. Our control systems can also interface with wider building resource systems and emergency systems.


Projection technology allows for the dynamic presentation of sophisticated visual communication content at your workplace.

We deliver cutting-edge projection systems with the highest quality display and performance that integrate seamlessly with the environment.

Did you know that projection technology can also be interactive? Ask us how today.

sound reinforcement

Well-designed audio systems are critical in every space, including those being used for audio conferencing, and public address systems.

Rutledge AV creates optimal sound reinforcement through mixing consoles that can carefully blend microphones, signal processors, amplifiers and speakers.

high performance integrated and smart building av

Rutledge AV doesn’t look at AV technology in isolation. We think bigger.

The best audio visual systems are the ones that work harmoniously across the wider building space. Fully integrated, smart systems increase collaboration, productivity, energy-use and management - fulfilling workplace operational and performance objectives.

upgrading existing systems

Make your's a modern, progressive workplace by upgrading your existing audio visual. Rutledge AV can facilitate the upgrade of your present technology to the latest, state-of-the-art systems.

This includes the migration and integration of your current architecture and ecosystem with the most advanced equipment and schematics.

energy management and sustainability

Energy management and sustainability are fast becoming operational objectives for many organisations.

Rutledge AV is leading the way in ensuring that the maximum benefits of carbon-neutral operability are realised and maintained. We have vast experience in delivering audio visual systems and installations for 6 Star Green Rated Buildings across Australia.

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