digital realisation

displays & interactives

With consumers more technology savvy than ever, there is an expectation for information to be digital, in real-time and interactive.

Display and multimedia systems come in all shapes and sizes, and can cater to any type of application or environment.

Rutledge AV makes informed choices when it comes to designing your display system, balancing your goals with factors such as lighting conditions, the type of content to be displayed, the size and resolution of the image, and expected life-span of the digital surface.

We specialise in:

  • Projection systems
  • LCD panels, LCD video walls and LED walls
  • Digital cinema
  • Interactive displays
  • Video wall processors
  • Multimedia streaming systems
  • Video on demand

We are experts in a number of recognised digital signage platforms, and also offer custom content creation and management platforms.

video walls & super screens

Deliver the most impressive digital experience, enhancing the visitor experience through bold and vibrant video walls, LED walls and LED superscreens.

Our engineers will assist you with the right planning and design that will ensure that you achieve the right solution for you and your audience – whether it is indoor or outdoor; with one screen or 100!

For exceptional custom visuals, our Rutledge AV content creation team can guide you through your content creation and management options; including dynamic messaging and scheduled content.

interactive touch tables

Technology has enabled interactive tables to completely redifine a user or visitor experience. Information is easily accessible, can be single user or multi user, operate by touching the screen, presenting the user with exciting and engaging ways of curating their own discovery journey.

With custom developed interactive touch applications, multiple people can explore, collaborate and share ideas simultaneously, on an infinite digital surface.

With ongoing research and development of the latest touch technology, Rutledge AV is at the forefront of the newest innovations and designs of these systems.


Projection system technology allows for the dynamic display of sophisticated visual communication content.

Rutledge AV offer projection solutions such as:

  • 3D/visualisation
  • immersive spaces/areas
  • control room solutions
  • digital cinema
  • medical imaging
  • video wall projection
  • museum/exhibition projection
  • projection mapping
  • 3D projection onto objects

wayfinding & information kiosks

Digital signage and information kiosks are the growing trend in wayfinding solutions. The best wayfinding and information systems help users to effortlessly navigate through a space, and digital wayfinding allows you to have dynamic, real-time and interactive content.

Wayfinding and information systems are key to a good visitor experience. Rutledge AV delivers enhanced technology and custom design and programming that allows for user personalisation and interactivity – including connection through to user’s mobile devices.

IPTV/MATV, streaming media & video on demand

Platforms such as IPTV/MATV, streaming media and video-on-demand give you an advanced centralised media distribution system and enable content delivery over multiple devices like tablets, computers, smartphones, gaming systems and hospitality technology.

Rutledge AV works with the very best technology, including cloud-based distribution systems and 4K resolution platforms.

showcase & exhibition

Rutledge AV has extensive experience providing audio visual system designs and technology for showcases and exhibitions at museums and galleries across the country.

From interactive touch screens and video walls, to projection technology (including projection mapping) we can work with you to bring your showcase or exhibition to life.

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