Venue & Performance

audio visual acquisition & delivery

Rutledge AV provides complete audio visual solutions for any type of venue or theatre space, including speakers, recording equipment, signals, mixers, displays, cabling, and controls and asset management.

We procure the very best in performance technology; use informed system design and integration to build cohesive systems; then ensure success with careful evaluation and user testing.

And with Rutledge Care, our dedicated AV support service, you can have confidence in your system’s ongoing functionality, and know that support is just a call away.

interactive & automated control systems

Control systems make it simple to manage to your audio visual equipment in one, central interface – which is crucial for venues, theatres and studios that are equipped with a multitude of technology that need to be seamlessly coordinated and controlled.

Rutledge AV produce easy-to-use interactive and automated control systems that are equipped with advanced technology management features. We specialise in Show Controls, Interactive Kiosk Touch Screens, Custom Software and Programming, Dynamic audio and visual Content and Motion Detection.

sound reinforcement

We understand that optimal sound and acoustics in your venue, theatre or performance space is fundamental to your success.

Through refined engineering expertise, Rutledge AV measures and refines sound quality to determine the best audio technology layout and levels for you. We provide leading-edge mixing consoles that carefully blend microphones, signal processors, amplifiers and speakers.

broadcast systems

Broadcasters and broadcasting spaces, such as television studios and radio stations, require strength and reliability in their audio visual systems.

Rutledge AV has extensive experience designing, delivering and supporting broadcast AV systems, working with Australia’s top broadcasters; ABC (television and radio); Channel 7, Channel 9, and Network Ten; Sportsworld; and the Austereo Network (Fox FM and Triple M).

Our services include transitioning infrastructure from analog to HD broadcasting; AV required for live productions and webcasting; video over IP; and cloud services such as asset storage and management.

video walls & superscreens

Deliver the most impressive digital experience, enhancing the visitor experience through bold and vibrant video walls, LED walls and LED superscreens.

Our engineers will assist you with the right planning and design that will ensure that you achieve the right solution for you and your audience – whether it is indoor or outdoor; with one screen or 100!

For exceptional custom visuals, our Rutledge AV content creation team can guide you through your content creation and management options; including dynamic messaging and scheduling content.


Projection system technology allows for the dynamic presentation of sophisticated visual communication content.

Rutledge AV offers projection solutions such as:

  • 3D visualisation
  • immersive spaces/areas
  • control room solutions
  • digital cinema
  • medical imaging
  • video wall projection
  • museum/exhibition projection
  • projection mapping
  • 3D projection onto objects

wayfinding & information kiosks

Wayfinding digital signage and information kiosks are the ultimate solution for visitors of your venue. The best wayfinding and information systems help users to effortlessly navigate through a venue, and to simply find the information and facilities that they need. Wayfinding and information systems are key to a good visitor experience.

Rutledge AV delivers enhanced technology and custom design and programming that allows for user personalisation and interactivity – including connection through to user’s mobile devices.

interactive touch tables

Technology has enabled interactive tables to completely enhance user or visitor experience. Information is easily accessible, can be single user or multi user, operate by touching the screen, presenting the user with exciting and engaging ways of curating their own discovery journey.

With custom developed interactive touch applications, multiple people can explore, collaborate and share ideas simultaneously, on an infinite digital surface.

With ongoing research and development of the latest touch technology, Rutledge AV is at the forefront of the newest innovations and designs of these systems.

IPTV/MATV, streaming media & video-on-demand

Platforms such as IPTV/MATV, streaming media and video-on-demand give you an advanced centralised media distribution system and enable content delivery over multiple devices like tablets, computers, smartphones, gaming systems and hospitality technology.

Rutledge AV works with the very best technology, including cloud-based distribution systems and 4K resolution platforms.

signal processing & management

Rutledge AV will deliver the finest in audio and visual quality using signal management and processing technology – which analyses and fine-tunes your system to produce the best results in your space.

We use the very best in signal processing and distribution technology to design systems that cover:

  • Needs assessment
  • Environmental considerations
  • Human factors
  • Source selection
  • Operational and performance objectives
  • 4K requirements
  • Distribution of 4K and UHD signals
  • DTP systems
  • The use of scalers
  • System maintenance

hearing loops & audio induction

Hearing Augmentation systems are an assistive listening solution for those in our community that may be hearing impaired by providing access to high quality intelligible sound by taking a sound source and directly transferring it to a hearing aid/listening device. National building regulations make such technology a requirement in public spaces.

Hearing loop design requires careful consideration of factors such as building materials, room size and layout.

Rutledge AV has the proficiency to design and install the very best hearing augmentation systems, having delivered them for major venues like Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Brisbane City Hall, Australian Taxation Offices, and La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus.

paging and emergency communication

Public venues require reliable and well-designed public address and emergency communication systems, such as paging systems, Emergency Warning Intercommunication Systems (EWIS), building occupant warning systems, fire detection systems, control systems and distribution of audio feeds – that all comply with Australian regulations.

Rutledge AV has extensive experience delivering complex public address and emergency communication systems for venues and spaces of all sizes.

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