Rutledge AV sponsor Team Summ Dog in 2016 Mystery Box Rally

Unknown cars driving a mysterious route – what could be more ridiculous you ask? Well sure, but when it comes to raising funds for a great cause, this rally has all the essential ingredients for teams to do their part in raising much needed funds for the Cancer Council. Held from September 24th to the 28th, the Mystery Box is a five day rally consisting of 150 teams of fundraisers who have embarked on an unforgettable adventure. Taking a light hearted approach to a serious cause, Mystery Box takes the teams along a mysterious route through quintessential outback towns, remote dirt tracks and surprise river crossings.

Rutledge AV has sponsored team Summ Dog in this year’s rally. Help us raise money for cancer research – you can make a donation by clicking on the following link:

Rutledge AV - communityglow - Mystery Box Rally 2016
Daniel Sommerville (Campbellfield Automotive) and Daniel Woodward (Rutledge AV) stand beside the car they hope will get them over the finish line.