Rutledge AV expands local services & support to Northern NSW – Port Macquarie

Rutledge AV, A Diversified Company, is launching dedicated technology services & support for businesses across the Northern NSW region.

Led by Andrew MacDonald (formerly Rutledge AV’s NSW State Manager and now taking up the post of Northern NSW Regional Manager) this new venture offers the quality and responsiveness of Rutledge AV’s national suite of audio visual, communications and IT capabilities at a localised level for Northern NSW.

“Starting our Northern NSW operation was all about servicing our existing client base who have regional outposts, as well as new customers in regional locations, who have the same needs and business objectives as any client who may be located in a major city,” MacDonald said.

In April 2019, Rutledge AV was acquired by Diversified, one of the world’s largest technology firms. As part of Diversified’s global team – with over 40 locations across North America and Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Oceania – Rutledge AV, a Diversified Company now offers a broader, worldwide portfolio of services and solutions and can truly support clients on a global scale.

While global growth is a key part of the business plan for Rutledge AV, maintaining and growing strength in service at a regional and national level remains vital.

Our Port Macquarie operations provide a local approach and a regional focus with the backing of a large, global team of the world’s most leading engineers and subject matter experts, who can all be called upon to provide great solutions.

“If there is a challenging or complex customer requirement in Northern NSW we have over 2,500 colleagues across the globe to bounce ideas off and provide support,” MacDonald added.

“You are getting small company customer service with the benefits that come with engaging larger companies with respect to scale and level of support.”

Explore how Rutledge AV, A Diversified Company, can help you reach your technology goals in Northern NSW by contacting Andrew.

Northern NSW Regional Manager
+61 401 999 282
+612 8596 5866

About Rutledge AV, A Diversified Company

Rutledge AV’s leadership in audio visual and ICT is founded on more than 40 years of innovating with emerging technologies to solve clients’ communication, collaboration and connectivity challenges.

Founded from humble beginnings in 1979 by Michael and Sandy Rutledge, Rutledge AV has grown into Australia’s largest AV integration specialist with offices across seven states and territories and over 380 AV professionals.

In 2019, Rutledge AV was acquired by Diversified. Rutledge AV now operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Diversified, continuing to be a trusted partner to its clients while introducing Diversified’s portfolio of offerings and adding incremental value for their organisations.


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