The Rutledge Care Resident Technician Package incorporates all of the support features of the Rutledge Care packages and is delivered through dedicated on-site personnel. Importantly, the Resident Technician is backed by the combined capability of Rutledge AV.  For large or multi-site installations a Resident Technician delivers a premium level of responsiveness and, in most cases, is the most cost-effective option. An onsite Resident Technician is the ideal choice for organisations with mission-critical systems.

Typical Resident Technician tasks include:

  • First point of call for faults, operational difficulties, and troubleshooting.
  • Assistance with system presentation preparation and display.
  • Periodical scheduled inspections of the systems, including functional tests of the system operation and reporting.
  • User training.
  • Management of faults including tracking and status reporting, in conjunction with the Rutledge Helpdesk.

A Resident Technician is a full-time, on-site technical support person that is dedicated to providing onsite services for 40 hours per week during normal business hours. Support required after hours, or in excess of the 40 hours will involve additional hourly charges.

Depending on your needs, Resident Technicians can be rotated to ensure that multiple technicians have a solid understanding of your systems. This ensures that expert coverage can be maintained in the event that your primary Resident Technician is sick or on annual leave.

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