Return to Work - Technology Systems Health Check

Workplace Ready AV for your Returning Workforce


Preparing your workplace environment is critical for the smooth return of staff post-pandemic. Make certain all of your systems are primed and ready to operate.

Our support service experts are ready to help, ensuring confidence in your workplace technology from the moment your employees return. Our comprehensive Technology Systems Health Check critically assesses the operational readiness of your current systems and offers a range of services to resume optimal performance with little to no downtime.

Our technology specialists can undertake the following services as part of your AV systems health check:

  •   Preventative Maintenance Inspection (PMI)

Proactive on-site inspection of technology to maintain, monitor, test, calibrate and clean your AV systems.

  •   Idle Systems Activation Check

Assessment of technology that has been inactive during lockdown to ensure all AV is ready to be redeployed.

  •   Requirements & Configuration Audit

Consultation with you to better understand how your existing systems can be enhanced to meet evolving business needs in an evolving workplace environment.

  •   Advance hardware replacement

Spare equipment management strategy with replacement parts dispatched to you in advance to minimise downtime.

  •   Latest firmware upgrades

Check, test and undertake any firmware upgrades made available during the lockdown period.

  • Digital Signage Consultation & Appraisal
Audit of existing digital signage infrastructure with recommendations to refresh signage strategy, content and management.
  • System Training
Tailored system training for new staff or a refresher course for returning staff who have not used your AV over the past few months.


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Now is the time to plan for the return of your staff to the workplace.

Book your Systems Health Check while your teams remain remote to fully test your systems without disruption to their work.